Friday, August 17, 2007

Midwest: Is It Really Over?

First, let me point you to a couple of posts about the announced sale of Midwest from two blogs on my blogroll: From Where I Sit and No Runny Eggs (both of which are worth a read). Long story short, TPG Capital of Texas (which Northwest Airlines holds a minority stake in) has agreed to purchase Midwest Airlines for $17 per share, all cash, which beats AirTran's last offer of $16.25 cash and stock, which itself was a response to TPG's offer of $16 all cash.

So here's my thing: after two years trying, multiple attempts, and voting three people onto Midwest's board, do we really think that AirTran is just going to take this lying down? Granted, the proposed buyout must first past federal scrutiny (anti-trust laws may come into play), but still... after all that time and effort, AirTran is just giving up? Why do I get the feeling that there is more to this than meets the eye? I really do think that we haven't heard the last of AirTran's buyout attempt.


steveegg said...

As far as attempting to get Midwest intact, it's over. AirTran believes that $17/share is too much to pay.

Whether or not they're right, it's likely that there will be pieces that come off the Midwest empire. The best from our perspective is that only a couple of routes and planes get sold off. Beyond the Midwest mystique, which is now unobtainable, that's what AirTran wants.

If, however, the wheels come off the privatization bid, AirTran can come back and get the whole kit and caboodle for something far less than the $15/share they originally bid.

elliot said...

I hope you're right.