Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hooters in Brookfield?

When pigs fly, maybe.

A post on JSOnline's Newswatch blog this evening informs us that Hooters of America has obtained the building that formerly housed Pedro's, along with their long-term lease. Mayor Jeff Speaker could not be reached for comment, but one alderman (not identified in the post) has already received an objection from a Brookfield resident.

Here's the best part:

Mike McNeil, Hooters' vice president of marketing, said he did not expect any controversy and believed the eatery would be well-received by patrons.

Well received? No controversy? In the city that wanted McDonald's to not use their trademark Golden Arches on the rebuild of their Moorland Road location, going so far as to say that they couldn't be so much as etched in glass in more than two windows? The city that pitched a proper fit over the La Quinta's two-tone paint job? Not to mention the outcry over the trim (yes, the TRIM) on The Fresh Market? He seriously thinks Brookfield is just going to let them set up shop?

Mr. McNeil, whatever it is you're smoking, please remember that it's polite to share.

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