Sunday, December 7, 2008

My First Attempt at Spiced Cider

I bought cider and mulling spices at Woodman's, thinking it would be something I'd like to try.

Not bad, really. I tried to use my coffee pot (built into my microwave), but for some reason the reservoir is leaking horribly. So, I had to scratch that idea. With that idea out, I opted for simmering on the stove, simply putting the mulling spices right in. Not bad, until it came time to take them out so I could drink the cider. I had a skimmer, which helped, but I ended up simply ladling the cider out and pouring it through the skimmer into a mug, which made for quite a mess. Next time I try this, I think I'll invest in a french press first. It works for coffee, why not for cider? I'm also wondering if I should start with a different sort of cider, or maybe apple juice. Anybody else out there done this before? Any advice to offer?

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Phelony Jones said...

I looked at something kind of like that today. At Woodman's.