Monday, March 24, 2008

Barbara Lawton: "I'll be damned if we let that happen."

Calling all bloggers, and any other interested parties. The latest issue of the AFL-CIO Milwaukee Labor Press just landed in my mailbox (Mom works for the county), and if you're interested in what's inside, let me know and I'll be happy to send it along to you. The big story is Lena Taylor's race for County Exec, against incumbent Scott Walker. Here's the money quote from Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton:
"It's essential not just for Milwaukee but for the entire state of Wisconsin. We must get rid of Scott Walker who holds government in contempt, who will never understand how government works and doesn't believe in it anyway, and will auction off our beloved county in pieces.
I'll be damned - excuse me - if we'll let that happen."

I must admit, I've never paid much attention to the LP in the past, but this is like the JS editorial board on steroids.


steveegg said...

That's rich, especially since she's calling Algoma home when she isn't in Madistan.

appletonian said...

Thanks for posting it!! Very interesting stuff.