Monday, October 15, 2007

Fire Call Fees?

Yep, some towns are looking at charging them, according to a story from the Journal Sentinel. Call me crazy, but isn't this supposed to be covered by property taxes?

One of the quotes I wanted to hit on from this article is in regards to Michael Reed, Town Chairman of Lisbon:

When Reed unveiled his proposal last week, he contended that the town needs the revenue to help pay down debt, including that of the $1.5 million fire station that is being constructed at county Highways K and KF.

If you don't have the money to build the fire station, DON'T BUILD IT!!! Figure out how much you need, and if you have to borrow money to make it happen, put it to a referendum, but honestly, if you can't afford it, don't build it. It's just that simple. Oh, and if you need to pay down debt, STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY!!! Cut your spending, like the rest of us do when we need to pay down debt.


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As a side note, this marks post number 25 for According to Coop. Feel free to do something of a celebratory nature, up to and including buying me a drink sometime. We can work out the details of that later.


steveegg said...

Show up at the November Drinking Right (11/13 at Papa's Social Club on Burleigh between 77th and 78th) and we'll hook you up with the drinks.

Coop said...

Might be rehearsal-ing that night (DR is usually on Tuesday, isn't it?) but maybe I can skip out early and make it for part of the festivities. Thanks for stopping by.